I've decided that from now on I'll only be writing my posts in english. Mostly because it takes up too much of my time to write and translate into two different languages. Plus, when it comes to make up, my sources of inspiration and information are only in english. I gather my inpiration and information online from places such as Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr. Therefore when it comes to make up, it's actually a lot easier for me to write about it in english. I've noticed that when I've been writing in swedish and then translating it into english, the english version always sounds better. So, from now on, I'll only write my posts in english, but you can feel free to ask me questions and leave comments in swedish. Please be kind if my english isn't perfect, it's not my primary language and I've never even been on vacation to an english speaking country, so please bare with me.

Kom ihåg mig?
A 25 year old swedish/brazilian beauty addict. I eat, sleep & breathe beauty and make up. My other obsessions include clothes, shoes, music and life. Follow me for inspiration, fashion, beauty and tips & tricks.

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