These goodies are what I picked up from last years (feels som wierd so say that!) end of the year sale (2015). The clothes are from Zara Sweden, and the makeup products were bought from Kicks, both online and in store.
I'm pretty satisfied with the products I got. Especially the grey cashmere scarf to the far left, it cost 1 159 SEK to begin with, but I bought it for 299 SEK. What a bargain! I'm in love with the grey sweater that's next to the scarf because it's not just cosy and warm, it's also very chic at the same time! The green military jeans need to be sewn in a bit in the waist and at the bottom becuase I was apparently too skinny and too short for them, haha! All in all, I'm very satisfied!
Other than the clothes I bought a bunch of nail polishes (becuase you can never have too many) and some Bobbi Brown lipsticks and an eyeshadow. I also bought a mascara (been wanting to try it for a while now) and a kajal pencil from Isadora since I had run out of my old one. I must say that the Kajal pencil form Isadora is really good. It doesn't smudge, it stays put for hours and is easy to apply. I'm loving it! I'm really excited to try the eyeshadow, the mascara and both the YSL and Lancome nail polishes.
Did you get anything during the end of the year sale?

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