So after New Years I managed to get a bit sick and because it was so damn cold outside, I didn't really go out that much and get some fresh air. When I get sick or spend too much time without some fresh air, my skin breaks out and just feels like it need help. So I felt like I had to do something about it. When I passed by Sephora about a week ago I found these masks and I've wanted to try sheet masks for so long that I just had to buy them so that I could try them out.
Price: They cost me 50 SEK/mask (that's about 5 USD or 4 GBP). Which initially doesn't expensive, but for the fact you only get one use out of each mask, it's actually pretty expensive when you think about it.
Packaging: The packaging is fine I guess. Since it's not a reausable product the packaging isn't as important to me because I just toss it after I've removed the product anyway.
Results: Addicting. That's all I can say. That green tea mask is completely and utterly amazing. My skin felt so smooth, fresh, healthy, glowy and firm that I almost felt like a new person. The masks are quite cold and feel cooling and soothing to your skin when you apply them to you face, and that cooling feeling stays for hours after you've tossed the mask away. I love it! And that eye mask? Yeah, my bags completely disappeared and I could see and feel the tightening effect it had. The pearl mask didn't really make my skin look glowy/brighter, but it had that same cooling feeling like the green tea mask so it didn't really bother me, but I would go for the green tea one instead.
- Easy to use
- Non messy since you don't have to apply gooey stuff to your face, and you don't have to rinse anything of after application.
- Cooling and soothing effect.
- Makes your skin feel and look new and firm.
- Cheap if you only but them once and again.
- Expensive if you want to use them regularly.
All in all?
I will definitely be buying more of these and very soon because I can't get over the way my skin felt after I used the green tea mask. These are so good I'm compelled to start trying out Sephoras own brand of both makeup and skincare. 
Have you tried any products from Sephoras own brand?

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