I don't think it has gone unnoticed that MAC recently released their long awaited liquid lipsticks. They are actually permanent so don't worry if the shade you wanted is sold out, it will be restocked. If I must say so myself, I'm not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks because they're so drying on my already super dry lips. But I like the idea of applying a lipstick and have it last for hours even when you eat and drink. So, I must say I'm going to try these out. I might be a little late to jump onto the whole liquid lipsticks bandwagon (just like MAC is), but to be honest, liquid lipsticks are hard to come by here in Sweden. Brands like Kat Von D, Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop and Dose of colors can't be found here, only online and usually to ridiculous shipping rates (ColourPop and Tarte don't even ship to Sweden), so I'm actually really excited to try these out.
I only choose these to to start with because they really spoke to me. The nudes and the bright pinks were not for someone with my skin color (I'm an NC35 when I'm pale) and the nude shades were a bit to peachy for my taste. The darker shades spoke to me and these two in particular.
Price: They are pretty expensive. Here in Sweden they sell them for 245 SEK (Approximately 28 USD & 20 GBP)
Packaging: I'm not sure how I feel about the packaging. I understand the concept of using the bulletshaped lid, that is MAC's signature packaging, because it's still a lipstick even though it's liquid... but I find it kind of ugly and not very fancy. I think it makes it look a bit childish. But that's just my personal opinion.
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is actually really good. The colors are very opaque so you don't have to apply half the bottle to get the color that you want. You only really need one coat.
Consistency: Here's where the problems start to kick in. I don't like the consisteny of these. They are beautiful opaque colors, but they are so damn drying that your lips end up looking like raisins after it's dried. It's not a pretty look, because instead of looking plump, your lips look shriveled up like a 90 year old lady's lips would. Plus I don't feel like these dry completely. They stay a bit gooey, enhance lines in your lips and and flake like crazy. After you've worn it for an hour or so it starts to crumble and it both looks and feels nasty. You can feel that you're wearing something drying, thick and crumbly on your lips. It's not a feeling I'm looking for in my lip products. Because if it makes you feel uncomfortable, odds are that you'll also look uncomfortable and feel less confident. 
Longevity: The longevity is quite good even though it starts to crumble. I wore if for about four hours and during that time I ate dinner and it didn't budge. But because the consistency feels so uncomfortable, I had to remove it after a couple of hours because my lips were dying. So I haven't been able to wear them for one whole day, unfortunately.
- You get a lot of product in the tube
- Beautiful colors
- Opaque
- Expensive (at least here in Sweden)
- Drying for your lips
- Doesn't dry completely and stays a bit tacky all day
- Crumbles
- Generally uncomfortable consistency
- Make your lips look shriveled up
All in all?
Yeah, I won't be buying any more of these any time soon. I'm so sad about it because I had been looking forward to these liquid lipsticks for so long and I'm completely underwhelmed by them.  I feel like I wasted my money on them. Because they make your lips look shriveled up, I don't wanna use them becuase that's not a look I'm aiming for. But since they were so darn expensive I will have to use them anyways, I don't like to let products go to waste. So my final opinion is that you should save your pretty pennies on these and go get some cheaper and better liquid lipsticks. 
What do you think of the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours?


Nu när hösten är här är det dags att byta ut de klara och starka färgerna från sommaren till mer dova och mörka färger. På hösten lutar jag mest mot färger såsom svart, grått, vinrött och lila. Men det är jag ju knappast ensam om. Älskar att para ihop en svart outfit tillsammans med ett par vinröda läppar. Finns nog inget som säger höst så mycket som ett par vinröda läppar. Min nya favorit är MAC's läppstift i "Dark Side" tillsammans med deras läppenna i färgen "Vino". Vad gillar du för färger inför hösten?


Nu är hösten här och vi vet ju alla vad det innebär. Mörka läppar. Det är så himla snyggt men det kan ta ett tag att vänja sig vid att bära mörka färger om man inte är van. Det finns olika nyanser av rött/lila och om man inte är så van kan man börja med en nyans som inte är så mörk. Jag vet att jag kommer bära mycket vinrött i höst. Här kommer tips på några snygga mörka nyanser som du kan prova på om du känner för att pröva trenden med mörka läppar.
MAC "Cyber" är inte för den fege, det är en otroligt mörk nyans som nästan ser svart ut i hylsan. MAC "Diva" är den perfekta mörkröda nyanser för den som inte vill eller vågar testa "Cyber". Sen har vi MAC "Amorous" som är en mycket ljusare variant och passar jätte bra till vardags eller för den som inte riktigt vågar sig på de mörkare nyanserna. Sist men inte minst har vi NYX "Licorice" som är en mer plånboksvänlig nyans som liknar MAC "Diva".
Vilken nyans ska du använda i höst?
//Fall is finally upon us, and we all now what that means. Dark red/berry lips of course. It's so beautiful but it can take a lof of getting used if you haven't worn it before. There are a lot of different shades of dark red/berry lips and if you aren't used to wearing dark lips you can always start with a lighter red/berry color. I know at least I'm gonna rock the dark lip this fall. Here are some great dark lip colors for fall that you can test if you wanna try the dark lip trend.
MAC 'Cyber' is definetly not for the faint hearted, it's an incredibly dark color that almost looks black in the packaging. MAC 'Diva' is a perfect dark lip color and is incredibly popular for a good reason. This is a great color if you don't wanna go as dark as 'Cyber'. Then there's MAC 'Amorous' that is a lighter berry/lilac color that's great for everyday or if you aren't as into dark colors like 'Cyber' and 'Diva'. Lastly there's NYX lipstick in 'Licorice' thats a great drugstore dupe for MAC 'Diva'.
Which shade are you wearing this fall? 
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