The shades from left to right: Showtime, Flame Thrower, Grandstand, Center Stage & Houdini
I don't think Makeup Geek shadows have gone unnoticed by anyone in the makeup world because they have been everywhere on both Youtube and Instagram. After having actually swatched them, I now fully understand the epicness of the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows. Please, let's just start by staring at these incredibly beautiful shadows? I've been wanting to try the Makeup Geek shadows for a while now, both their normal shadows and their foiled ones. But I've never really gotten around to it until now that I saw that Beautybay also had started to sell Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks (Yes, you can look forward to a review on those soon too!) so I just new I had to order me some goodies from them. I started by getting the foiled shadows and boy do I NOT regret it for one second. These shadows are life (insert praying emoji).
Price: They are cheap for the quality and pigmentation that you're getting so I can't complain about the price. The price is actually pretty much amazing. No complaints there. The foiled shadows cost about 95 SEK per shadow. It's probably cheaper to buy them off the Makeup Geek official website but I really wanted those Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks!
Pigmentation: As these are foiled shadows they are very pigmented, and I really mean it when I say VERY pigmented. Because they are so pigmented I was expecting a lot of fallout, but I didn't see any fallout when using them. So that's a big plus. However, I found that the blue shade in 'Center Stage' wasn't as pigmented as I expected it would be. Looking at it in the pan you think it's going to be the most pigmented blue color ever but it's not as pigmented as the other shades unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, it's pigmented, it's just not on the same level as the other shades.
The shadows from top to bottom: Showtime, Flame Thrower, Grandstand, Center Stage & Houdini
Consistency: These shadows are so creamy and buttery it's almost ridiculous. They are so soft and finely milled you won't have to worry about chunks of glitter causing fallout or patchiness. Just to give you an example of how soft and buttery they are, the shade 'Houdini' came totally smashed and broken, but I fixed it by using my finger to press the product into the pan. Now it's like new. Amazing.
Longevity: These eyeshadows will stay put, and they still look as good by the end of the night as they did when I applied it before leaving my house hours before. I've never used them without some kind of primer or base underneath so I can't say if they stay on as well on their own, but with a primer or base underneath they will stay on your lids until you choose wash them off and they won't crease.
- Smooth and buttery consistency
- Cheap
- Very Pigmented
- You can create your own custom palette with the shades you want as you buy them in the pan.
- Lasts all day/night
- No fallout
- Can't find a one :)
What do you think of the Makeup Geek Foiled shadows?


Just before christmas Tarte released this amazing follow up to their bestseller 'Tartelette Amzonian Clay Matte Palette'. Tarte is known for their high quality products and for being vegan and cruelty-free. My first Tarte product was the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in 'Charisma'. It's still one of my favorite blushes. Unfortunately they don't sell Tarte here in Sweden and it's actually quite hard to find anyone who ships Tarte products to Sweden. I bought mine from QVC UK and I was pretty skeptical at first because I've always been warned of TV shops. But I already knew that Tarte has amazing quality so I bit the bullet and I'm so glad I did! It took a bit over two weeks to recieve my parcel after they shipped it out which is very slow considering Sweden and England aren't that far apart. I recieve parcels from the U.S way faster than that. But my experience is that recieving your parcel through the brittish Royal Mail service without tracking info always takes a long time to arrive. Just keep that in mind.
Price: This baby cost me 36.65 GBP. That's about 449 SEK & 52 USD. Which is quite expensive. But usually buying and eyeshadow palette here in Sweden costs me more. The Naked palettes who also contain 12 eyeshadows retail for 470 SEK here, so I can't really complain.
Packaging: I like the packaging. The pattern and the colors on the lid are amazing, I absolutely love them! They look gorgeous. The packaging is small and slim so it's a great palette to take with you when you travel. The packaging looks exclusive and expensive. I thought that the packaging was made of metal first but once I held it in my hand I realised that it's actually made of plastic. It's very well made so you can't tell by just looking at it that it's plastic, and since it is, it's light and easy to carry around. The shadows smell like vanilla and remind me of vanilla ice cream. The mirror is very big and that's another plus if you travel alot, this packaging is just pure love! Needless to say, they did all things right with this packaging.
Colors/pigmentation: The colors are very pigmented. Even the matte shadows are pigmented. The only shade that I found that wasn't as pigmented as the others was the color 'Funny Girl', whish surprised me since it is a shimmery shade and they are usually more pigmented than the matte shades. My favorite color of them all is 'Firecracker', which shouldn't come as a suprise considering it's a neutral bronze shade. I love me some bronze shades! Other favorites include 'Leader', 'Rocker', 'Rebel' & 'Funny Girl' (even though it's not as pigmented as I would have liked it to be). This is a great color selection and I feel like it's one of those palettes that you can use both day and night. However, these shades are nothing new, so you could easily dupe these colors. I mean, how many neutral shades don't I already own? What you have to ask yourself is, do you have these shadows together in one palette, or do you have to bring 5 different palettes with you?
Consistency: The shadows are very creamy and buttery. Usually I find that matte shadows aren't as creamy and buttery as shimmery shades, but I really didn't find that to be an issue with these. They blend super easy and I didn't notice any patchiness using the matte shades.
From bottom to top: Leader // Rebel // Funny Girl // Firecracker // Activist // Rocker // Jetsetter
Longevity: I'd recommend you use an eyeshadow primer with these shades. I have very oily eyelids so I can't really get away with not using any primer, but if you can, than maybe these will work for you without a primer. With primer these shadows lasted me all day. However, without primer they fade and crease on me. But that happens with all shadows for me so it's nothing strange.
- Beautiful packaging
- Small, compact & lightweight packaging
- Great color range, the colors work great together
- Smell great
- Big mirror
- Mixture of both shimmery and matte shades
- You have to use and eyeshadow base/primer underneath.
- Easily dupable shades
All in all?
I really love this palette. I'm in love with the packaging, the smell and the colors. This palette is me in a nutshell. I'm more of a shimmery eyeshadows kind of girl so this palette suits me more than the original Tartelette palette, plus this palette is warmer and I'm not that into cool shades as I feel they don't look as good on me as warmer colors do, due to my darker complexion. I don't regret buying this palette for one second. I will be alternating between this one and the Carli Bybel palette from BH cosmetics for my everyday eyeshadow routine. They contain the eyeshadows that I want for my everyday looks. Basically, I'm in love. This is my favorite eyeshadow palette for the moment!


I don't think anyone has missed the BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel collaboration that came out a few months ago. It sold out in a hot minute and at the beginning I wasn't even interested or in on the hype. I thought that because it was so cheap, the quality wasn't going to be all that. But then I saw Amy Macedo's video on Youtube where she did som first impressions and let me tell you something. When she applied that highlight I was like "I need that palette in my life". I could hardly believe my eyes as to how damn pigmented it was, I ordered mine right then and there. You cant watch Amy's first impressions video right here.
Price/shipping: I bought the palette online from and it was on promotion. It cost me 12.50 $ and the shipping to Sweden cost 5.50 $ so in total this palette cost me 18 $ which I think is a pretty cheap and amazing price for amount and quality of these shadows. For my swedish readers 18 $ is about 153 SEK, which is very cheap.
Packaging: I'm not the biggest fan of the color of the palette or the pattern on it, but this packaging beats the Morphe packaging. It's not big and bulky so this is a great palette to bring with you when you travel. And it wont break as easily as the Morphe one because this isn't in plastic, it's made of cardboard like the Lorac palettes and the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes. So except for the color and pattern, the packaging is great and has a mirror which is always great, especially if you travel a lot.
Colors/pigmentation/color pay off: For the price of this palette I was actually pretty surpised as to how pigmented these shadows are. The matte shadows aren't as pigmented as the shimmery ones, so in that sense the Morphe shadows are better and more pigmented. But these don't smell anything so they actually don't feel as cheap as the Morphe shadows. The only thing I can complain about is that there seems to be a bit of fallout when you dip your brush in the shadows as well some on your face. But it's not much. Plus some of the highlighters are actually quite dark. So it's a diverse palette thats not just for pale or tan skintones, but I gotta say the last highlighter is pretty dark even for darker skintones, it looks more like a bronzer but it so glittery I would probably just use it as an eyeshadow.
The first two rows are eyeshadows, and the last row with the bigger shades are the highlighters:
All in all: This is a great everyday palette. I love neutrals and mauve colors for my everyday eye makeup so this palette will be used a lot. It's great for travelling as you get shadows and highlighters in one palette. And you can't really beat the price. These shadows are really quite pigmented and I feel like it would look great on almost anyone. Carli Bybel and BH Cosmetics have done a great job on this palette. Because it's so cheap it's almost lke you'll be losing out if you don't buy it because it's so versatile. I love this palette and I just know I'm gonna be using it so, so much!
+ Cheap
+ Pigmented Shadows
+ Great for travelling
+ Great color range
+ Versatile
- Fallout
- They crease on me if I don't use a primer underneath.
Have you gotten your hands on this palette? What do you think of it?
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