Too Faced | Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar 
I've been using this palette non-stop since I bought it. It contains my absolute favorite transition shade, which is 'Peanut Butter'. It smells amazing, and it has such a wide range of natural shades. You can really switch between day- and night looks with this. LOVE! I feel like I say that with every palette, but then again I'm an eyeshadow palette hoarder, and I can't get enough of them.
L.A. Girl | Pro Conceal HD Definition Concealer in 'Toast'
I've been dying to try these concealer for a while now but I haven't been able to buy them because there haven't existed any resellsers that ship to Sweden, well so I thought. I ordered mine from Beautyjoint and yes, I really love this shade as a contour shade. I must say that a good cream contour really makes that contour pop in a way that powders can't. These are really blendable and pigmented, plus they're cheap. So what's not to love?
Embryolisse | Lait Creme Concentre
My favorite daily mosturiser/primer for the past two months. I love the way it makes my foundation look and that it makes my foundation last all day. I don't have problems with my makeup sliding right off my face and I feel like it makes me less shiny. Don't get me wrong, I still get oily and have to apply a powder throughout the day, but I don't feel as oily as opposed to when I use another moisturiser. I can go longer without have to use powder to matte down the excessive shine.
NARS | Velvet Skin Tint in 'St. Motitz'
OMG. Where do I start?! This, this has revolutionized my life. I now can have a flawless looking face without looking cakey or overdone. I haven't used a foundation since I bought this baby because it makes my skin look amazing. Even in direct sunlight my skin still looks amazing and it doesn't look like I'm wearing a shit ton of makeup on my face. Yay! This skin tint has amazing coverage (it's medium coverage) and I only really have to use concealer if I have a big pimple on my face that wants to say hi. So yeah, this makes me want to quit foundation completely, but then I feel sad because there are som many foundations out there that I still want to try.
House of Lashes | False Lashes in 'Iconic'
My go-to lashes at the moment. If you are in doubt as to whether these really live up to the hype, go to my instagram and check out my two latest selfies. Yes, you need these in your life. They have taken my selfie game to another level. Plus they are so big and fluffy that if you screw up your eyeliner or if you aren't that happy with your eyeshadow, pop these babies on and no one will notice, because these babies will completely steal the show. You're welcome.
LUSH | Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Thank you Lush for this lip scrub. I've really been needing to scrub my lips because they've been so dry and flakey because of the dry and cold winter air. And since I've been getting more and more into liquid lipsticks, scrubbing my lips have really been a must. 
Carmex | Classic Mosturising Lip Balm
Favorite lip balm ever. I love the smell and the way they make my lips look and feel. The only downside is that it comes in a jar that I have to stick my finger into. I have seen that they have different types of Carmex lip balms and I have to try the others out. 
House of Lashes | Lash Glue
The best lash glue I have ever used. Forget the Duo adhesive, this is the lash glue to use. Your lashes will stay put all night without a hitch. The only downside is that this glue is a total bitch to remove. Which actually is a good thing because that's why your lashes stay put, but it's a total hassle to walk around with lash glue stuck to my lashes for days... you feel me? 
What products have you been loving in the month of February?


Tarte Cosmetics | Tartelette 2 In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette
My most used palette of January, been using it pretty much everyday. I love it because of it's neutral colors. It's really one of those amazing everyday palettes that work both for day and night. Seriously can't get enough of this palette.
Embryolisse | Lait-Crème Concentré
I got a sample of this when I ordered the Becca and Laura Geller highlighters from Cult Beauty and I just knew instantly that I needed this moisturizer in my life. It's thick and moisturizing which is really great because I have dry patches during winter because of the cold, and the best part is that it doesn't make me as oily as some mattifying primers I've used. So, my skin is now well hydrated and less oily. This is an amazing primer for your makeup because it makes your make up stick to your face and makes your base look flawless. Thumbs up!
Make Up Forever | Ultra HD Foundation
Best foundation I've used to give you that flawless, non-cakey look. I'm addicted. The only downside really is the coverage and the fact that you can't really be in a hurry when applying this, because you won't like the results then. But when applied and built up to fuller coverage, when you're not in a hurry and you have the time to really work it into your skin, this foundation is life. 
Laura Geller | Gilded Honey
My most used highlighter at the moment. Anyone who has ever used this knows why it's a favorite. 
Ardell | False Lashes in 'Wispies'
Favorite lashes ever! They are easy to apply, they look amazing and you don't even feel them on. I don't like to feel that I'm wearing false lashes because it makes me self conscious. If I don't feel comfortable, then I won't look comfortable. Simple as that. You don't feel these lashes at all, I usually even forget that I'm wearing any.
GlamGlow | Powercleanse Daily Dual Cleanser
I don't know what I was doing with my life before I got my hands on this cleanser. I don't know how much time and water I wasted evey night trying to remove my makeup. With this, I'm done in a few minutes and the prospect of having to wash my face before going to bed isn't as harrowing as it used to be. 
Sephora | Sheet masks (not pictured above)
Unfortunately didn't have any at home when this picture was taken and the simple reason for that was that I'd used tham all up. The cooling and tightening feeling these masks leave behind is addictive. You have to try them! 
Too Faced | Liquified Longwear Lipstick in 'Melted Chihuahua'
This is my go to lip product for when I'm in a hurry (which is almost every morning). This shade looks natural and I feel like it's an amazing everyday color. I slab this on and I'm good to go.
Do you have a product you've been loving a little extra during the first month of 2016?


Morphe Brushes 11 Piece Sable Brush Set
Jag var lite skeptiskt till att köpa dessa borstar till en början, mest för att de är så över-hypade på Insta och youtube. Jag ångrar faktiskt inte att jag köpte dem, för de är både billiga och bra. Det enda minuset är väl att de fäller så det måste man vara beredd på. De känns inte som billiga borstar och jag var faktiskt överraskad över hur mjuka de var. Så om du är ute efter billiga och bra borstar behöver du inte leta längre.
//I was a bit skeptical towards buying these at first, mostly because they're so overhyped on IG and Youtube. But I don't regret buying them. However, they do shed so beware of that.  However they don't feel that cheap and I was a bit surprised at how soft they were. So if you're looking for a good set of brushes for a affordable price, then look no further.
Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation
Köpte denna för inte så länge sen, men har varit helt såld på den blev min. Den ser naturlig ut och även om det är hög täckning på den och den är matt så känns det knappt att man har den på sig och det ser inte "kakigt" ut. Finns i flera olika färger och bäst av allt finns det färger med gul underton för oss som har lite mer olivfärgad hudton. Eftersom täckningen är så hög behöver jag inte använda concealer och den täcker mina röda partier riktigt bra! Den enda negativa var väl att den var dyr. Men smakar det så kostar det.
//Bought this foundation not that long ago but I've been completely in love with it since I got it! It looks natural and not cakey even though it's a matte formula. It has great coverage (it's medium/high coverage) and the color fits me like a glove. It has a really yellow base which is perfect and looks natural on my olive skin.  I don't need to use a concealer when I apply my everyday makeup with this and the only downside is the price. It ain't cheap being pretty.
MAC Eyeshadow in "Honey Lust"
Lätt min favoritskugga någonsin från MAC. Den är så himla fin och passar verkligen till vardags. Har fått komplimanger för den. Bilden gör den verkligen inte rättvisa. Ska ni köpa en MAC ögonskugga, köp denna!
//Easily my favorite eyeshadow ever from MAC. It's so pretty and looks amazing for your everyday make up look. Have gotten compliments when I've worn it and I feel like the picture doesn't do it justice. If you going to buy a MAC eyeshadow, buy this one!
Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder
Det ultimata pudret för en perfekt finish. Vet faktiskt inte varför jag väntade så länge med att köpa den, men nu kan jag inte vara utan den. Min make up ä inte färdig förrän jag pudrat mig med denna. Du kan pudra på hur mycket som helst utan att bli kakig och din founation ser helt felfri ut. Den är dyr, men värd varenda krona. Har inte du denna i ditt liv så behöver du den bums!
//The ultimate powder for the perfect finish. I don't know why I waited so long to buy it, but now I can't be without it. My make uo isn't finished untlig I've applied it to my face. You can apply generous amounts of it and still not look cakey and you're foundation looks flawless afterwards. It's expensive but worth every penny. If you don't have this bad boy in your life then you need it ASAP.
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Jag har varit ett stort fan av Benefits mascaror ända sen jag hittade "Bad Gal" mascaran i min mammas badrumsskåp en dag när jag helt hade fått slut på mascara själv. Har varit helt såld sedan dess. Jag fick en liten "sample size" av denna mascara i förra månadens Glossybox och bara visste att jag skulle älska den. Min favorit mascara hittills har varit Benefits "They're Real" mascara, men denna får verkligen mina fransar att se helt fantastiska ut. Jag har fått flera komplimanger när jag använt den och jag kommer definitivt köpa mascaran sen när den här lilla är slut.
//I've bee a huge fan of the Benefit mascaras ever since I found the "Bad Gal" mascara in my moms bathroom once when I had completely run out of mascara, and I've been hooked ever since. I recieved this sample in last months Glossybox and I knew I was gonna love it. My favorite mascara up 'til this day had been the "They're Real" mascara, but this one really make my lashes stand out and I get compliments when I wear it. I'll definitely buy a full size of this when it runs out.
Giorgio Armani perfume "Sí"
Min favorit parfym att ha till vardags för tillfället. Den här luktar så himla sensuellt, blommigt och fylligt. Jag älskar tunga och starka parfymer och den här är verkligen perfekt till vardags då den ändå inte är för tung. Definitivt ett måste att ha hemma. Den här och Lancômes "La Vie est Belle" är helt beroendeframkallande.
// My favorite perfume at the moment. It has a sensual and rich flowery smell. I love heavy perfumes and I feel like this one is perfect because it isn't too heavy to wear during the day. This perfume is definitely a must have. This perfume and the Lancôme one "La Vie est Belle" are completely addictive.
Depend O2 Cuticle Peeling
Fick denna fantastiska lilla tub i födelsedagspresent av min bästa vän. Jag vart helt såld när jag använde den och visade såklart upp den för min mamma och som den nagellacks-älskaren som hon är så har hon ju såklart "lånat" den av mig. Vem vet när jag får tillbaka den. Den fungerar genom att du aplicerar den på nagelbanden och efter typ två minuter borstar du bort den med en liten borste och vips så är torra och fnasiga nagelband ett mine blott!
//Recieved this amazing little tube as a birthday present from my best friend. I was completely sold when I used it for the first time and I of course had to show it to my mom. As a the true nailpolish lover that she is, she has "borrowed" this from me indefinitely. Who knows when I'll get it back. You apply this on your cuticles and after a minute or two you brush it off with at small brush and dry cuticles are a memory of the past.
Har du provat någon av dessa produkter?
//Have you tried any of these products?
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