Just like eveybody else on Instagram and youtube, I've been trying to get my hands on this palette for a couple of months now. I haven't actually been waiting for as long as some of you out there that have been waiting since last spring. I'ven been waiting since like the end of september, and I finally got my hands on it about a week ago. I managed somehow to just look at their webpage and see that it was back in stock. I ordered it and voila, now it's mine. So a tip to get your hands on it is to update their webpage everyday to see if it's back in stock, because they wont tell you or give you a heads up when it's back.
This palette has some amazing warm colors,  and since it's a very warm toned palette it would probably look best on people who have warm undertones, and that's not to say that this palette is only for tan, olive or darker skinned people. You can be fair and have warm undertones. It's a common misconception that tan people have a warm skin tone and fair people have a cooler skin tone. It's just not true. I have a very yellow tone to my skin so I feel that these colors are perfect for me. Lets take a look at some swatches of the colors in this amazing palette.
Row 1:
Row 2:
Row 3:
Row 4:
Row 5:
Price/Shipping: The price for this palette is really good. You get 35 colors for 22.99 USD. For my swedish readers thats about 200 SEK. The expensive part was actually the cost of shipping, if you live in Europe they charge you 21.85 USD for a flat rate shipping fee, that's about 190 SEK. Since I used a discount code for 10 % off, the cost of shipping actually ended up being higher that what I payed for the palette itself. To that you have to add customs fees and VAT fees, so it might potentially end up being more expensive that what you once thought. 
Packaging: The packaging is really cheap and ugly. I won't be suprised if it breaks easily. But for the price I can manage to overlook it, as long as the shadows are great. Another thing that adds to the cheap feeling is that she shadows smell like talc and chemicals, it's not a nice smell but as I said, you can't really beat the quality for the price of  these shadows. So it doesn't bother me that it smells and is cheap looking (I keep it in a drawer anyways).
Colors/pigmentation/color pay-off: Now this is where the magic happens. Despite smelling and looking cheap, these shadows are bomb! The pigmentation is crazy, some of these shadows are more pigmented that my high end shadows. I was surpised that even the matte colors were really pigmented, usually only the glittery colors look pigmented when you swatch them. But not with these! However some of the lighter matte shadows look really chalky on my skin, but that's probably because I'm too dark for those colors.
Consistency: I haven't had the opportunity to use the palette yet since I've been really sick the past two weeks, so I can't really let you know how blendable or long lasting these shadows are. However when swatching these I've found that they're creamy, but they're not as creamy as my Naked palettes from Urban Decay, but the consistency feels similar to my MAC shadows. So I feel like the quality of the shadows are really great for the cheap price.
All in all: This is an amazing palette, because it's cheap and the colors are beautiful and amazingly pigmented.
I do not regret buying this palette at all, it is totally worth it. However, if you like me, live in Europe then the cost of shipping is too damn high for purchasing only one palette. In the future I will continue to buy palettes from Morphe, but I will buy them from resellers right here where I live. The only reason I bought this palette and had it shipped all the way from the U.S was that it was the only way for me to get my hands on this specific palette. If you can manage to get your hands on it, buy it! Because it is totally worth it. Can't wait to play around with it and see what kind of looks I can create. 
What do you think of the Morphe 35O palette?

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